A downloadable game for Windows

Experimented with a lemming style game where player must keep side scrolling characters alive by affecting the environment. Here, world is divided by 5x5 tiles, which are then swapped around by player.

Click left mouse button to choose two tiles to swap. Space to restart. Esc to quit game.

Made by Pavel Smirnov for ASM gamejam '17

Music by Joonas "JoonasD6" Mäkinen, made during the jam

Install instructions

Standard unity game, move file 5lemminsq.exe and directory 5lemminsq anywhere you like, as long as they are together in the same directory.
If this fails, I'm not sure what the problem could be. Game was compiled for windows 32-bit. Google around or something.


5lemminsq.zip 11 MB

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